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This site is intended for kids and teenagers of any age, up to 18. If you need help with a specific problem, or if you’re just looking for general information on issues that affect you, the guided tour above will highlight the most important areas of the site – just follow the arrows.

We’re always here when you need to talk to somebody, and we do our best to listen and support you in making your own decisions. This is your service, and a place where you can feel safe and comfortable.

You don’t have to register to get in touch with us, and you don’t even have to provide your real name to seek help and advice. However, please do feel free to register and become a member.

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Direct Line/ Extension Number

+263 4 252 000

The Free Postal Service - BOX CY 1400

Any letter that is addressed to Childline’s Free Postal Service is delivered free of charge, as a result of a unique partnership with the Zimpostal Service in Zimbabwe. This enables children who wish to write to Childline rather than talk over the phone or walk-in to a Drop-in Centre to write to Childline informing us of their concerns, wishes and views. Childline then responds to the writer if they have requested a response, and included their contact address. Often the writer reports concerns of child abuse and requests for Childline to conduct a follow-up where a face-to-face visit is made by the nearest Childline Drop-in Centre staff or volunteer counselors. But in most cases the writer is requesting advice, guidance and information on peer or family relationships.
Childline has worked with the Ministry of Education, Sports Art and Culture to install Childline Free Postal Boxes in some isolated rural schools, given the great distances the children have to travel to access the nearest post office, or gain cellphone signal. Childline then travels to these schools on a regular basis to empty the letter boxes and reply to the letters.

Complementing the provision of responsive child protection services, Childline also fulfills an advocacy role in promoting the prevention of child abuse, exploitation and neglect. Childline therefore undertakes advocacy activities at the local community level as well as at national level raising awareness of children’s rights and advocating the protection of children’s rights promoting children’s access to their rights. Every year, Childline reaches thousands of children and community members with information of their rights, and how to access their rights. We do this directly with children in and out of schools, through participating in national events as well as using the media (radio, printed press and T.V.). For more than a decade Childline has been building public-private partnerships across Zimbabwe enabling corporate social responsibility programmes to be implemented. Childline’s private-sector partners also assist greatly in raising awareness of and promoting access to Childline’s services and ultimately preventing child abuse, exploitation and neglect. In addition, Childline also works closely with various government ministries at national level reviewing the current legislation and developing new policies and statutory frameworks that promote the prevention of child abuse and enable the provision of appropriate responsive child protection services.

Childline completes training on a regular basis, screening and recruiting volunteer counselors, as well as training and sensitizing those working with children and those within the private sector on children’s rights and promoting good parenting and the safeguarding of children across the country.