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Zimlink March 2017   Chris Bowran   SI Harrogate held an open speaker meeting last month and we were so glad we made the effort to go on a dark, wet night to hear such an inspiring talk by Stella Motsi, Director of Childline Zimbabwe. Childline Zimbabwe (CZ) was set...

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Childline Zimbabwe 2016 Statistics

We are proud to share our consolidated statistics from the National 116 Freephone Helpline. These were collated from January through December 2016 and incorporate cases reported at Drop-In Centres as well as the two operational Helplines in Harare and Bulawayo....

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Childline Zimbabwe in 2016

calls received in 2016 1 in every 54 was a report about Child Protection or Child Welfare Child Protection 9 978 Child Protection reports received. 75% girls : 25% boys. 3 690 reports of Sexual abuse In 2015, 9% were about boys and 91% about girls Child marriage is...

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What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Any sexual act between an adult and a child (who is anyone under the age of 18 years). This includes: fondling (Chiramu – inappropriate touching of sister-in-law) penetration, intercourse, rape sodomy incest with a child child pledging as wives in return of material...

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2015 | 116 Freephone Helpline

Protecting children is everyone's RESPONSIBILITY You can save a life. Report Abuse On our Freephone 24/7/365 Dial 116 In every 100 cases reported: Sexual Abuse Neglect Physical Abuse Emotional Abuse Around 2 in 3 (65%) reports received were about girls. Reports of...

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Childline Zimbabwe Drop-In Centres in 2015

2 in 3 reports received were about girls Most common form of abuse affecting girls: SEXUAL ABUSE Most common form of abuse affecting boys: NEGLECT The highest number of sexual abuse reports were received at the Rotten Row Court Drop-In Centre followed by Makoni...

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Our Promise

IF YOU COME TO CHILDLINE, WE PROMISE TO: Listen and take you seriously. Answer your call at any time, day or night if you call us. Provide you with initial advice and counselling to help protect you from your most urgent problems. Follow up as quickly as possible,...

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Children Learn What They Live

If children live with CRITICISM, they learn to CONDEMN. If children live with HOSTILITY, they learn to FIGHT. If children live with FEAR, they learn to be APPREHENSIVE. If children live with PITY, they learn to feel sorry for THEMSELVES. If children live with...

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