Protecting children is



You can save a life report abuse.

Childline Zimbabwe is a child rights, not-for-profit, registered Private Voluntary Organisation (PVO 7/2001). Children (0-18years), access services in Zimbabwe regardless of religious background, socio-economic circumstances or geographic location. Childline employs a rights-based approach throughout its activities addressing sexual and gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health issues given the nature of child abuse and its prevalence in Zimbabwe. It seeks to provide children, families and those involved with children, preventative, educational, therapeutic and rehabilitation services in addition to research and advocacy.

Child Protection

This refers to the legally mandatory action of protecting children from violence or abuse of any kind, through reporting abusive situations and ensuring that the children in question are removed from the site of abuse and delivered into the hands of child welfare officials. This is among the first steps towards ensuring the safety of children living with abuse.

Psychosocial Support

This is one of the tools that we use as a building block to rebuild the child’s emotional and mental confidence. It is an integral part of recovery as it utilizes support from the community to ensure that stigmatization does not occur after the instances of abuse have been reported and responded to. Thus empowering children and helping them to become survivors, not victims

Recent News & Posts

Childline Zimbabwe 2016 Statistics

We are proud to share our consolidated statistics from the National 116 Freephone Helpline. These were collated from January through December 2016 and incorporate cases reported at Drop-In Centres as well as the two operational Helplines in Harare and Bulawayo....

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Childline Zimbabwe in 2016

calls received in 2016 1 in every 54 was a report about Child Protection or Child Welfare Child Protection 9 978 Child Protection reports received. 75% girls : 25% boys. 3 690 reports of Sexual abuse In 2015, 9% were about boys and 91% about girls Child marriage is...

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What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Any sexual act between an adult and a child (who is anyone under the age of 18 years). This includes: fondling (Chiramu – inappropriate touching of sister-in-law) penetration, intercourse, rape sodomy incest with a child child pledging as wives in return of material...

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What is Sexual Abuse?

Sexual Abuse is when:

  • Being touched in a way that you don’t like without giving permission or consent.
  • Being forced to have sex (intercourse).
  • Being forced to look at sexual pictures or videos.
  • Be made or forced to do something sexual.
  • Being made to watch someone to do something sexual. This can include someone flashing or exposing themselves to you and can happen online.

Is it my fault that I have been sexually abused?

No, it is not your fault that you’ve been sexually abused.

People who sexually abuse others often make the people feel guilty and ashamed about what happened. This is so that they keep quiet about it.

Sexual abuse can make you feel confused and scared. Even if they say it is your fault, it is never your fault.

They are responsible for what they have done to you; you have done nothing wrong.