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Childline conducts online safety training for its Helpline Agents

Childline Zimbabwe has conducted trainings of its helpline agents on digital security and child online safety with a focus on improving their response to issues of child online safety. The latest move comes as Zimabbwe marked the cyber security month in October with one of the weeks dedicated to child online safety.

Childline noted the need to have the first responders in the helpline to understand issues surrounding Child online safety abuse so that they are able to assist children who might call. The trainings were conducted in Harare and Bulawayo with a total of 70 Helpline agents having been trained by renowned digital training expert Cade Zvavanjanja.

Topics covered under traininging included, cyberbullying, child pornography,sexual grooming amongst others.

Child online security has become a hot topic locally with increasing calls for more awareness on the topic.


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