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Educational Games

Privacy PolicyChildLine Zimbabwe and Harare Institute of Technology built the Tsuro in DigiL and Agent Tsuro games asfree games. These games are provided at no cost and are intended for use as is. This page is used to inform visitors…

Screen Online

Screen Online is designed to positively influence children, families and communities to adopt strategies that increase the prevention of child abuse on online spaces and increases access to justice and social care in instances where children have fallen victim of…

Sexual Grooming

Child online safety series Topic – sexual groomingSexual grooming of children is the description of how people who want to sexually harm children get close to them and their families with the intent of eventually abusing them. This can be…

Revenge porn

Revenge porn or revenge pornography is the distribution of sexually explicit images or video of individuals without their permission. The sexually explicit images or video may be made by a partner of an intimate relationship with the knowledge and consent…

Online safety for parents

Looking at staying safe online for children. We all love the internet it is a great place to learn, play and meet new friends. We love it so much that most of us parents have been encouraging our children to…

Cyber Bullying

Cases of Bullying and cyber bulling continue to increase and there is a great need to ensure that there is information on bullying and cyber bullying. The following are some signs of a cyber bullied child.  Warning signs of cyber…


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